Content is King When it Comes to Your SEO & Web Marketing Strategy

Deploying an effective SEO strategy is becoming increasingly important for many businesses. But when it comes to formulating an effective search engine optimization and Web marketing plan for your business, it will pay to remember that content is king. This means focusing on creating high quality, relevant, keyword-focused written content that is both search-engine friendly and friendly to your target audience. Content can also be images, video, slideshows, and other ‘viral’ elements, but for this post we will just focus on the value of written content. Having relevant high quality written content, such as a blog or article post on your website is a foundational step to creating a successful Web marketing campaign.

Content-Marketing-Word-Cloud-Image-5-13After performing the necessary keyword research and settling on the niche keywords you’d like to focus your web marketing campaign around, the next task is to formulate a content-building strategy. This will require focusing on your selected keywords and writing your content in the ‘language’ you feel best suits your audience. Generally speaking, using a selected keyword for that specific content piece a few times for every 250 or 300 words will be effective in helping your website rank higher in the search engines over time for that particular keyword. Although there is no magic number of times the keyword needs to be used (this is otherwise known as keyword density), it’s best to use the keyword in a natural manner throughout your blog, article, or other written content.

content marketing growthCreating high quality, relevant, keyword-focused content in a way that’s useful to both your potential customers and the search engines is a skill that can be challenging at first, especially if you have no previous SEO writing experience. Nevertheless, this is an essential part of an effective SEO strategy. So if you need assistance with creating high quality written content or need help with creating an effective long-term Web marketing campaign for your business, then we’re here to help. Give us a call today at 732-333-8891.